About A6 Roofing

Q/ How long has A6 Roofing been operating?
A/ A6 Roofing was founded in 2021 and Martin (founder) has a vast experience of over 10 years in the roofing industry.


Q/ What makes A6 Roofing different from competitors?
A/ A6 is a family-oriented business that believes in the motto “make it right” – we ensure attention to detail towards every roof we install and will make sure our work leaves every customer as a happy customer.


Q/ What’s your working schedule?
A/ Our hours/days are flexible and we will work with each individual customer to find time that fits their schedule.


Q/ How do I get a free inspection?
A/ Visit the Contact Us page to schedule your free inspection.

Our Services

Q/ What kind of warranty do you offer?
A/ For residential homes, we offer a five-year craftsmanship warranty. For commercial buildings, your warranty is dependent on the type of material chosen.


Q/ How long does it take to install a roof?
A/ Each roofing setup is different; shingle roofing is usually completed within 1-3 days, while metal and TPO installation times differ depending on the scale of the project.


Q/ What colors do you offer for roofing?
A/ We offer a wide color range of roofing materials so you can pick the one you like best.


Q/ Do you do post-work inspections?
A/ Yes, we do! The site will be inspected once the installation is complete. We also sweep the property area to ensure that no unwanted debris is left behind.

Roofing FAQs

Q/ How long do roofs last in Texas?
A/ As per the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), the average lifespan of a roof in Texas ranges from 18 to 20 years.


Q/ How often do you need a new roof in Texas?
A/ Replacement of roofs depends on the type of roof you’ve installed – metal roofs last for around 75 years, whereas shingle roofs typically last for 15-20 years and TPO roofs last 22-30 years.


Q/ What time of year is best for roof replacement?
A/ As soon as possible! It is best to have your roof inspected and replaced immediately to minimize any further damage.


Q/ Do metal roofs leak more than shingles?
A/ If not installed properly, the probability of metal roofs leaking is higher compared to asphalt shingle roofs.


Q/ Can you install a metal roof on a flat roof?
A/ Yes, of course! In fact, it is a fairly common practice to install metal roofs over flat or low slope roofs.


Q/ What type of roof is best for a flat roof?
A/ TPO roofing is the best when it comes to flat roofs – it absorbs heat and ensures the rooms under the flat roof remain cooler.


Q/ Can shingles be used on a flat roof?
A/ Shingles are not compatible with flat roofs and they work best on roofs with slopes.


Q/ What type of roofing is best?
A/ Asphalt Roofing Shingles are the best type of roofing since the composition is tough, durable, and soundproof.